Can you guess?

Yesterday I went to my usual charity shop. Carnival is when we celebrate with costumes around here, and I was looking for thrift finds to make my daughter the costume she asked from me. I already made two pieces for her school costume (will show later, they will finish it in school), but I didn't have any fabric or refashioning clothing to make it ... or so I thought!

I found the colours I needed: dark and light blue, and yellow. I just wished the yellow was at least the same lenght as the light blue, but this was the best I could find. 

I was really excited that I found everything I needed. Once I got home I wasn't so happy. The yellow was too thin and it's a bit too cold yet - but I could fix it, I searched my refashion stash and found a pair of pants I can totally use for layering underneath... Good. Then, the light blue was ok, but the dark blue I brought, was from this beautiful girl's dress, in velvet... did I ever mention how much I love velvet?

I just can't put my scissors in it. I can't, I love the original piece too much. Of course it still is too big for G. and too short for my niece L. but I think I will save it until G. can wear it... or until I just change my mind and use it for refashioning. 

I really need the dark blue for this costume though. Oh... problem again! I searched the fabric stash again... the blue fabrics I have are no good for what I need... none of them. Then I remember, someone had donated something navy blue to me a few months ago. I searched and searched for it and ... my day was saved! I found it. 

I also need some pretty red fabric, and luckily for me I had the perfect silky scrap in my stash. Just a scrap but I believe is enough. So, all this will make for my daughter's costume. 

And I am wondering... can you guess what will it be? 

Want a hint?
 It's a princess... 


  1. Snow White! ;-)
    I think confirmed by Susana even though my Portuguese is very minimal.

  2. I'm going to guess Snow White as well.

  3. Those colors are definitely Snow White! Love those finds, especially the velvet. I can understand why you don't want to cut it!

    1. I like it that you sound so sure... the revealing of the costume will benext week.

  4. I agree with Snow White, I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Your princess is going to be so beautiful!!

  5. Amanhã já ela o vai vestir! hehe


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