Gift for Lia #3

It is time to show you the third and last present we took to Lia, the newborn baby girl from our friends. In case you missed it, the first one was a breastfeeding pillow, and the second was one of the cutest dresses I've done. The thrird and last present was the simpliest of them all. I had these two ready for her, but since I still had time to sew something before we meet, I made her a more spring/summer like pair of leggings. It is so cold right now, but I just can think of warmer weather right now. 

I picked a slightly stretching polka dotted fabric I bought last year in a street market in Spain. I had a meter of this fabric that I just love and couldn't decide what to do with it. Our friend J. (the mom), just like me, isn't  a fan of the traditional pink used on everything baby, so I thought she'd like this one. 

I made the 3-6 month size, I drafted the pattern from  apair of leggings from G. and tried to make it just a tiny bit bigger, because I looked at it and it just seemed so little, I was kinda afraid it wouldn't fit the baby when the warmer weather arrived. 

It's amazing how we forget how tiny they are and look when they are this young. She was about the same in weight and height as mine when she was born but still, I looked at her and couldn't believe G. was that little back in the days. It felt so good to hold a newborn again in my arms, and to see how caring G. was with her. Can't believe I will be holding one of my own again in a few months. 


  1. Oh my word. These are absolutely adorable!!
    I know we have never met, but I can't wait to see your new little one:)
    They are always so much smaller than we remember, right?
    Beautiful job.

  2. What cute fabric! I bet all the gifts were adored - and I'm with you on not dressing babies in stereotypical colours - there's just too many fun fabrics out there to do that!

    1. Yes, I adore this fabric. I have been thinking about making something to match the leggings... a top or pair of shoes, but can't decide.
      I'm glad her mom thinks like me, the possibilities are endless... =D


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