January Refashion Month Wrap Up Time

I still can't believe the first month of the year is already gone. Of course, all the guests I had during the entire January made it pass quite quickly and warmed my heart. I would never guessed to have so many refashioning inspiration together here in my old little blog. You wouldn't expect anything else from all this ladies, right? And I thank each of them deeply for helping me put up this series. It'd be nothing without them. 

I really hope everyone has enjoyed themselves. The ones who were invited, the ones who have sewn along and the ones who just enjoyed seeing and reading through it all. If we were able to get at least one of you into the refashion mania then I am feeling pretty happy. I also hope, this series to be a source of inspiration for everyone out there. 

Today, it is time for a wrap up from everything we had in January Refashion Month. I was happy to see how many different articles were shared this season, the personal wrap ups of past refashions, the tips for begginers, the ideas that were brought. If you missed any of our guests, here's a chance to peek into what they had to share. 

Everytime I host the refashion month series, I make a personal plan of refashioning at least one item per week. Once again, I am pretty happy that I have achieved my goal. I was able to turn 9 old pieces into 7 new ones. 

Onesies were turned into undershirts for my potty trained girl - A cardigan and shorts were made for my niece from the same sort of pieces, only they were original from an adult - My daughter got a new jacket from an old pair of velvet pants - I got myself a new summer top out of an adult's lace shirt and a kid's undershirt - And, my nephew got a new cool pair of shorts from my hubby's unused jeans and scraps from an old bag of mine. Not bad, especially considering I was in bed for nearly a week, right?

To finish off this wrap up, let's not forget our sew along group of ladies who have also shared their refashions in the flickr froup. 

not on the collage: workpraysew - I'm sorry, I wasn't able to use your photos. 


  1. What a great recap, I love how you showcased everyone's posts! This was such fun, Magda, thank you again for hosting a great refashion party and inviting me to be a part of it!!

  2. 9 old pieces into 7 new ones is great going, Magda! Thanks for inviting me to be part of your very successful series.

  3. Foi uma série muito boa e inspiradora! :) Por causa dela comecei a olhar para todas as roupas cá de casa com outros olhos... Há algumas peças que nem sei se vou esperar para deixarem de servir para lhes pôr as mãos em cima... :)) Apanhei o refashion bug! E obrigada por incluíres a minha túnica e saia na tua selecção!

    1. Que bom saber Sara! Graças a esta série acabo sempre por conhecer novos blogues tb e foi o caso do teu que acompanho agora com muito carinho. Vou adorar ver umas refashions por lá e já sabes que se precisares de alguma coisa podes contar! Ah! A tua túnica não estava no flickr mas vi o post e claro que te tinha que mencionar!


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