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PR&P S8 week 4: Signature Style

It is the fourth and last week of the 8th season of Project Run & Play. And that means it is Signature Style week. Mmmmm... what a bittersweet week this always is. I always keep wondering what my signature is, still don't have a clear idea. So, for past signature weeks, I've realised I tend to: I always make a draft of what I want - but never stick to it; refashioning is absolutely part of my signature; I like to create simple, comfy and above all wearable clothes with a small outstanding detail and spending as little as I can. Also, last season, I've asked in my blog post what you'd think my signature was, and a friend told me she thought it was made of simple lines and colors, different from shops, rich in details and practical. So, considering all the above, here's what I got for this Signature week. Not one, but two looks to make up for the uncompleted looks I did the previous weeks. 

And the best part of this?! It costed near to 0€... I only had to buy some elastic for the short's waist which was about 0,20€ max. 

As I mentioned already in a previous post, I planned to dedicate the whole season to sewing for the 4 kids in my close family: my daughter got weeks one & four, nephew L. got week two, niece L. got weeks two and three (lucky her) and grandniece M. got week four. I did make up for my goal! A total of 8 pieces for this season. 

Anyway... about today's looks. I started by designing my niece's outfit. I've asked her mom if she was in need of any piece and she said shorts would be great. I started with the shorts then. She wanted something like bubble ones but not too bubble, so I used the same self drafted pattern I have used a few times before (little reminder below) but added again a little different touch in adding the pockets. I got the idea from a store bought shorts my daughter has. The pockets have a big pleat in the middle, and the placket is cut asymetrically. The buttons on these are merely decorative.

For the top, I used RaeAnna's Cupcake top pattern, the one I mentioned I had tested here, but I did a few changes to it. It took me a while to surrender to the highlow trend, but I finally tried it. So, since the Cupcake is large in lenght it was perfect to cut on the front and round up on the back to achieve the look I wasnted. I also narrowed it a bit on the bottom. To make this I have refashioned! Of course! I used one of my old turtle necks (red) and a tank top (white) that actually belonged to her mother before. It has a little lace attached and it was perfect to add some details. I made the sleeves from the main body of the top, so I was able to use the seams saving time. I also attached some of that lace to the new top bottom seams. For the collar, I didn't have enough fabric left, but I carefully ripped it from another existing white shirt and reattached it to this one. Perfect and no one would guess. 

I had this idea in my mind to coordinate the girls though (they are only one year apart), so we could have a photoshoot of the two of them together, looking all cute and all. But oh boy, the weather hasn't been the kindest and we had to shoot inside (hence the flashy photos)... and little M. is just impossible to photograph. 

She just doesn't stay still for one only second. We were two taking photos, but most just don't worked out. Someone gave mine a pack of cookies and she just wouldn't let go of it. 

So, I said I wanted them to coordinate, but I didn't want them to be too matchy matchy, so for my little girl, I made a tunic. I used a pattern from the spanish magazine Patrones, and only changed the lenght, the one from the magazine was a bit shorter. The plaid fabric was in my stash for years, I have only once used a little bit of it for a dress for myself (on the side) and it was about time to get done with it. One thing less in my stash - yes, I'm still trying to destash this year, and I have been a good girl, not buying anything new that I don't need at all. 

This tunic has become one of my fave things for the past few months. I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I did when I was done. I was trying to not buy anything, so I had to get creative with the buttons. All the ones I liked and looked good here were only ones that I had a 2-3 amount of only, and that wouldn't work. Then the closest I had to the 5 buttons I needed was theses start shaped ones. The problem was that I only had 4 white and 3 red. None would make the 5, so, just like I did with her robe, I mismatched one of them. In the robe I used letter buttons and then just one bear head, and this time I used 4 white buttons and an outstanding red one. the two reds that were left, are the ones you can see on niece's shorts pockets. To finish the tunic I used a white eyelet trim I had saved from something I got rid a while ago, and used a little white trim to finish off the bottom of the sleeves and one of the front panels. for the photos I paired it with her black leggings that go with evething! 

It was a happy sewing week for me. And I'm just in love with my little girl's latest look. 


  1. Ficaram ambas muito bonitas com as roupas novas ;o) A tunica está tãaaaoo gira, muito colegial e a barra com o bordado inglês (acho que é assim que se chama, ou não?) fica tão bem com o xadrez ! O detalhe do botão de cor diferente é o tipo de detalhe que apesar de ter sido necessário (para evitar maiores custos) dá um toque diferente à peça, quem sabe um dia uses esse detalhe como assinatura em que esse botão que marca a diferença dos demais seja a 'tua marca'. Há quem fabrique botões em casa e tu bem podias fazer uns que fossem criados por ti apenas para esse efeito ;o) Os calções ficaram uma fofura ;o) Acho que o comentário de assinatura que mencionaste acima foi o meu ;o)

    1. Gostei muito dos 2 looks mas ando apaixonada pela túnica da minha. Hj porém já foi pá lavar que a bichinha ontem vomitou por culpa da tosse com expetoração e tinha-a vestida. Sim, é bordado inglês. Se calhar, o detalhe do botão torna~se mesmo o meu olha é o estilo do desenrasca e poupa! LOL E sim, o comentário foi o teu, pois foste a única que realmente me respondeu à pergunta. hehe... beijoquinhas!

  2. I love that little dress shirt dress! The shorts are just darling too. Definitely you Magda!!

  3. Oh I love it, Magda! So classic and sweet!

  4. I love this whole look, Magda! So sweet and classic!

  5. The little tunic is ADORABLE, Magda!!! I love the eyelet trim against the plaid fabric and very clever to mismatch the buttons.

  6. The shirt dress/tunic is adorable~ It would even look cute for older kids!!

  7. Great job Magda! I love the sweet plaid tunic top. Simply adorable! Thanks for sharing

  8. We made it through the whole season too! Our first time! And we loved every single one of your 8 submissions! You can see our last one here:

    1. It feels great doesn't it? I already knew PR&P for a while when I started sewing along exactly a year ago. I've been trying to do the all season's ever since and although I missed like 2-3 themes so far, I am very proud of what it has made for my sewing.

  9. Que conjuntos bonitos, Magda! E que perfeição! Não admira que estejas apaixonada pela túnica - tens todas as razões! E acho que ficamos todas... É incrível como o simples facto de adicionar uma renda nas baínhas faz toda a diferença! e o pormenor dos botões é delicioso.

    1. Obrigado Sara! Sim, parece opinião geral, a túnica foi mesmo o sucesso da temporada 8. =D O bordado inglês dá sempre um toque especial a tudo. O pormenor dos botões veio da necessidade mas resultou! =D

  10. Magda, I am just getting caught up and this comment will have to cover all the posts I missed. I am just blown away by the talent here. Gorgeous clothing and creative minds. I SO wish I had known about (or thought of it myself) refashioning for kids when mine were little! But ... grandchildren may be in our future before too long, so I will get a chance to use some of these wonderful ideas then.

    Hope you are feeling well!

  11. Very cute outfits and innovative use of materials!

  12. these coordinating outfits are so adorable! I love the plaid and lace! great job keeping to your destashing goal!


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