WIP: Duvet Cover

Back in July 2013, I realised I didn't have a single duvet cover that would be big enough for my bed. We changed our regular bed for a bigger one and suddenly nothing would fit. So, I thought about making one myself. A patchworked one. I searched for inspiration and I finally decided what I'd like. I still don't own a rotary cutter or a mat, so all my cutting is made by tracing and using a scissors. Extra work, yes! But it has been worth it! I started it not long after I thought about making it, but of course, there are times (weeks and even months) when I won't even touch a single scrap from it.

I haven't blogged about it either. I did show you a bit of it when I did a round up of my 2013 creations (here) but it has only been through facebook that I shared a few photos from it every now and then. I've been so excited about it these last few days that I want to share my work in progress with you all and share details for the ones interested! 

Here's the pattern I made to organize myself. It will have 1025 scraps sewn together when finished, and it's made out of 72 patched blocks. Gorgeous! It's been a great way to bust my stash and it has always been great to sew, because everytime I attach a new scrap piece, it reminds me of any other projects I have done using that same fabric. I tried to count how many different fabrics I've used so far, but I got lost so I will try to do it again once it's done. 

And here are the photos I've been sharing along through facebook, just in case you missed them. They are taken since the first scraps until around the last time I touched it a couple of months ago. 

I still remember how happy I felt after sewing together the first row of blocks... then looking at it and thinking... Crap, there are another 7 of these to make!

please excuse my dirty iron board, but I have two cats that don't help at all

Just a few days ago, I started working on it again. I started writing this post a week ago, and then I had
- 3 entire rows (of 9 bloks) sewn together 
- one row (of 9 blocks) sewn together waiting to be attached to the other 3
- 9 other squares pinned to the yellow stripes to be sewn together and make a fifth row
- 16 other squares finished and 
- 4 squares half way done

Today, I have:
- 6 entire rows of 9 blocks finished and put together (see photo below)
- all my blocks finished
- 7 blocks have the yellow tripe sewn together, so there's nearly another row of blocks ready to be put together. 

When looking at it like that I don't think there's much left to do. I'm way over half the work and it feels really good. I can't actually wait to see it finished. I thought I'd really have to hurry to get it done before baby two is due (in July), but I am very positive about it now. I need this for summer and I know that if I kept postponing this, I wouldn't ever finish before this baby arrives... and after that, who knows when I would I be able to finish, right? 

Here's some of the latest shoots. I like some blocks better than others, but I don't really follow an order to sew the little scraps together, so that had to happen of course. I surely have spent quite a while contemplanting it already. It already fits a regular couple's bed, and it's just beautiful to see. 

My daughter has been asking me to make one for her bed too. Maybe as her 3rd birthday present?! Who knows? Since she's going to share her room with the baby, I might wait until I know the gender and perhaps I'll be able to do something coordinate for both. 


  1. Beautiful! I love all the bit of scraps being used. Great job!

  2. The cover looks fantastic already! I love the bright colours. Congrats on baby No 2 :)

  3. Love, love, love!!! It's going to be awesome when you finish, Magda. The colours work so well.

  4. Wow, that's an incredible project. I'm blown away! It's going to be AMAZING

    1. Thank you Katy. I can't wait until it's complete. =D

  5. Gosto tanto! Só me aventuro com mantinhas para crianças, nada de mantas graaaandes... (Acho que a minha máquina não é grande o suficiente para o quilting...)

    1. Obrigado Sara. Eu tb ainda não tinha feito nada desta dimensão, patchwork só mesmo coisas pequenas (o meu maior projeto foi para a cama de grades da G. e pareceu-me levar uma eternidade)... eu não vou fazer quilting, só de pensar na trabalheira. Mas estou a adorar e as cores ao vivo ainda são mais bonitas!

  6. Oh Magda, this is gorgeous! Have you quilted before? (I'm sorry if you've said this in your blog somewhere else; I haven't read your back posts) What a lot of work!

  7. Sorry, I see it's for a duvet - but the top is made like a quilt top :)


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