Glimpse of our last week #5

This past week wasn't a week of a lot of photography over here. Well, we did take hundreds of new photos, but they were all of the sweetest faces and poses little S. makes. We've also been a little bit more tired than before because he decided that if we're (and by "we" I mostly mean "I") not holding him, or feeding him, he's crying. This week has been about cuddling and caring for the little mister. I also had my niece staying over which has been great to keep the little miss busy and distracted (because her brother requests so much attention from me, I fear to fail her). S. has been wearing mommy's handmades (and friends handmades too) but he's growing out of the onesies already - in just two weeks). I miss sewing. This past week, the only thing I was able to accomplish was fixing a dress I made to order and wasn't yet quite right on the little girl I made it for. So, yes. I miss sewing and I hope I can get to it this weekend still. Yesterday was daycare's final year party, and it was so much fun. The party was 80's themed but many people didn't get in the role. I did, and my sister and the kids. G. spent most of the time in the swing. There ain't a thing she loves most. 


  1. Is that S? Is he already holding his head up!
    When I had my son it seemed like others who had little girls had the blessing of them sleeping longer at night sooner than those who had little boys. I hope your lad gives you a bit of rest.
    Sandy in the UK


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