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This is a refashion that I did way over a year ago. A request from my sister. Back in 2012, I made a few dresses for all of us, for my cousin's wedding. I blogged about them here. Last year my sister had another event to go to, and wanted to have my niece wearing the same dress again. The problem was that it would take place in a less warmer season and she asked me to make L. a little cardigan or a bolero. 


I didn't have any orange fabric back then, so into the refashion pile we went. My mom had just brought me another bag of clothes someone else had given her, and she didn't want... so, into my stash it went. It was a woman's sized shirt, in a very light and slippery shiny knit. I kept it because I loved the embroidery on the front. I'm sorry the before picture isn't that good. 

When we picked this piece, I felt a bit sad I was going to lose that embroidery. I was able to use the shirt partially, I saved that piece for a future project. It's still waiting... and will for as long as it has to be, until I find the perfect destiny for it. 

But I did turn part of the shirt into a bolero for my niece. She loved it. You see the bag she's carrying? It's a crochet one and my mom made it for her. She was proud of her handmades, she loves when we make things for her, I wish she never changes because her brother is 8 and not so easy to satisfy. 

To make this bolero, I tried to "copy" the pattern from my daughter's 9M sized bolero. I loved the shape so much I just had to use it for the niece's. It was a bit trial and error, and although they didn't complain, I thought it was a bit wide in the end. 

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