My Weekly Refashion Share #4 |Shirt|

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Back in May I was part of the Muse of the Morning Pattern Tour. The pattern I chose to make and review for the tour was the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Shirt, and I made it in size 2 for my daughter... Somewhere later that month I was able to finally finish the second one I had started (and mentioned in that post then). It is a 6M sized one for my baby boy, and I used the long sleeve with cuffs option. And, of course it was refashioned! 

To make this, I started with two before pieces. An orange woman's sized top my mom gave me not longer ago, and I've never liked but always saw potentional on it for the kids (and because I pretty much keep most of the knit pieces I come across...); and, left overs from a (bigger) kid's shirt I had cut years ago to make a waist band. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fabric to make the collar with this brown colour as I first hoped to. I still like it in orange, so it's no big deal. What would you like better?!

I found my missing snaps, but I just wasn't lucky with them, they weren't a very good quality ones and I just rather had some metallic ones sewn by hand to my boy's shirt. The collar ended up with this very small pintucks on the front which makes me feel not so happy about the finished piece, but to make up for it, I really like the small pocket on the front. It's not part of the pattern, and it's the only thing I made differently this time. An easy and quick sew and two more items refashioned, used to the fullest and out of my pile! 


  1. The brown and orange look great together, Magda. Love the addition of the pocket.

  2. Great colors for a little boy and I am sure will be very cute on him! :)

    1. Thanks Stacy. It will take a couple of months until it fits but I can't wait to see him wearing it too.


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