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Hey! I’m Stephanie from Swoodson Says. I blog mainly about things I’ve crafted and sewn but also like to share roundups of fun things that caught my eye each week. Refashioning & upcycling is my favorite so I'm happy that Magda gave me a reason to dig in to my "fix it" pile!
I am self taught but try not to let my lack of knowledge and/or experience stop me from playing with fabric, embroidery, or yarn. You can see my very first refashioning project from high school here - but full disclosure, my Mom actually sewed it!
You can find me wasting time all over the Internet: Google+ Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram
Man's Silk Shirt Refashion Before - Swoodson Says

If you want to know what Stephanie made out of this man button up shirt, visit her HERE.


  1. Hi there! I sent you an email earlier on. Not sure if you got it! :-)

  2. Hello there! I guess I just answered you... are you Agatha?!


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