Refashion Month Series - 2014 July Edition

I am so happy to announce that tomorrow kicks off another Refashion Month Series: July Edition. 
Not familiar with it? Let me tell you this will be an entire month of bloggers refashioning around here. 
You can check HERE for previous editions. 

This time, there have been some changes though. Instead of inviting my favourite bloggers, I have opened a sign up form for any blogger that would like to participate. This way, I am not only giving you "new" blogs to find out as I have discovered great bloggers myself too, as they signed up. 

Also, instead of having their posts published here at House of Estrela, I will have them introducing themselves here, with a peak at their refashion project, and direct you to their own blogs. 

Check out what a great line up we have this time:

An amazing group of bloggers, right?! I am very thankful to all of them for their help on keeping July a busy month over here. It's the month my baby is due and I wasn't sure about hosting this season, but I was encouraged to do so by some of them (and other bloggy friends that aren't here). 

A new thing about the series, is that, for the very first time we will have a giveaway going on. Over 10 pattern designers are sponsoring this season's and there's a bundle of over 20 free patterns for a lucky winner. And it's so easy to try for it. 


If you are sewing along, you have an extra opportunity to get +10 patterns from some of the designers from above. How to? Share a photo (only one please) with a link to a blog post of a refashion you've done (if possible in July) in our flickr group. All entries made until the 31st of July will enter the giveaway. Our guests and I, will vote for our favourite and a lucky winner will get this extra pattern bundle. Exciting?! | Refashion away everyone |


  1. Yay! Excited for this series!

  2. How did I not sign up??!! *sigh*
    I am so excited to see what everyone makes!

  3. So excited to be a part of this! Can't wait to see what everyone will be making!

    1. So glad you are! Curious to see what YOU will make!


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