Pinterest Challenge |pin 1 & 2|

For June, these were the 5 pins I chose to cross from my neverending to do list. 

Although last Sunday, I already had one of them crossed off, I failed to blog about it. I am bringing that one and the second one today to get on track with it. 

So, pin number one: the maxi dress look!

I chose that pin for a reason... it wasn't a random pinterest search for maxi dresses. The thing is, I scored a maxi dress in my usual charity shop a few months ago for 1€, but I hadn't used it yet, because it was a bit too large for me. I needed some motivation to fix it and finally wear it. 

The main problem with this dress was with the bodice... way too large for little me. Though the ladies got bigger with pregnancy, they're still not big enough for this dress, so that was something to repais. I tried to pull it down, pin and sew, but after it was done it looked weird, so I ended up unpicking my seams, and the original seams and adjust it to my size. The second problem with it was the stripes, one was ripped when I bought it and I was wondering if I should just tight it on the neck or sew them down on the back. I went with the second choice and I am happy with it. 

The day I wore it, I used a cardigan that was given to me with that huge pile of clothes I blogged about. It looked great. I wore the dress again, but cardigans were no way to be used anymore, the weather had a drastic change from the weekend to monday. Either way, both days I failed to take some photos (forgive my pregnant brains, it just keeps happening with everything and anything), that's why I have my dress form modeling it for you. 

Pin number two: Pancakes

Everybody knows pancakes are wonderful, right? You can have them in a million different ways. I like them plain, with honey, or ice sugar and cinnamon. My pinspiration was of a list of 10 different ways to make a pancake,but in the end, I just needed, again, a reason to make them for the very first time by my own. I knew I'd have a friend visiting me this week, so pancakes for us it'd be. 

I used a recipe from a portuguese blogger, I love her recipes, here's the original link, you can always use google translate to get it if you want to. They are yogurt pancakes. I can't take full credit for the ones we ate though. I was hoping to get them done before my friend arrived, but I had been busy sewing late, working on another pattern test and could only get them done when she arrived. I mixed all the ingredients, but then she got the spot on the stove and I just helped. lol They were so tasty, only one was left when we finished!


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