Baby Boy Romper #2

To close my own rompers sharing week, inspired by Sewing Mama RaeAnna's Romper Week Series, here I bring you the latest one, the second for my baby boy. I have used the same pattern, the FREE Baby Boy Romper by MellySews. |Find it here|. It is an only size pattern, so this was pretty much the same as for the first one. The difference was, of course, in the supplies used for each one of them. 

You wouldn't believe it - or maybe you would - but this (main) fabric layed on my stash for nearly 9 years. I bought it either when my sister was pregnant with my nephew or when he was just a couple months old. I had plans to make him something out of this.

Pretty clear I never did... until now.

For his cousin!

It feels good to finally work with fabrics I got used to see on my stash. I even tried my hand on some embroidery. Is this perfect? Most likely it isn't, but I tried and it adds something to my romper. 

As for the lining fabric, you might recognise it from the dress I made his sister last year, a refashion from a man's button shirt. I still had some scraps that were perfect for this. I have been using a lot of scraps lately, loved ones, and that's just another positive thing about my kind-of-saving-style. I used star shapped buttons to close it on the shoulders, also from my stash.

Romper Week and the rompers I've been sharing:


  1. What an adorable little romper! The good thing about having an excessive stash is that you can just pull from it to make lovely things. :)

    1. Thanks Stacy. It's like fabric shopping in your own house, right?

  2. E li o post todo sem ajuda do tradutor :P
    Para o sobrinho, sobrinha, tia, avó, filho ou filha...a verdade é que ficou muito giro e mais...és uma inspiração!!
    Espectacular! Parabéns

  3. E ficou muiiiiitoooo fofo ;o) O bordado pode não estar perfeito mas está bonito. Uma boa ideia quando não nos sentimos seguras a bordar (falo eu porque também não me saio muito bem com os bordados livres) é fazer aplique te um estampado bonito de um tecido ;o) O S. vai ficar janota dentro desse 'macaquinho' ;o)

    1. ficou não ficou? modéstia à parte mas gostei tanto de ambos. quero tanto ver como lhe ficam. pensei no estampado, mas se não treinar nunca conseguirei fazer melhor.


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