The Pleated Jumpsuit - take 2

Still on the Romper Week spirit, I am bringing you the second girl romper today. Just like the first one (that actually made part of the official series), I made this using Elegance & Elephants free pattern, in the same size, but for my younger niece instead. She just turned two years old yesterday, and this was my birthday present for her. 

I wasn't sure her mom would like it, but the same day I finished this, we went to the beach together and sweet little M. was wearing a romper, in shape, very similar to this one. It was a grey plaid one, I think the fabric in mine is much cuter... hehehe... how modest, right?

For this romper, I have refashioned a linen maxi skirt. I don't have a full garment before picture of it, because it was given to me many years ago, and apparently I had imediate plans for it and cut through the skirt. I can't remember what I was going to make, and why I didn't, so, I only have two cut pieces of the before skirt to show you. I have also used a top, in a very light cotton fabric for the lining. It was too old and spoted already and not really good for refashioning, but the tone of blue would be perfect with the blue flowers from the linen fabric. I got it from my aunt last week. I cut it all apart and tried to save the better parts. I had just enough.

It was so much easier and quicker to make this second jumpsuit. I didn't even had to follow instructions or anything. In a blink it was put together and I was satisfied, that although it took me this long to make the first one, I had another finished. I think I even like this one better, I thought I would keep it for my daughter and just make another for the niece... hehehe... but, alas, the little one (actually both my nieces, even though they are not related) has these gorgeous blue eyes, and this will look so much better on her (my daughter has green eyes).

I will also link this romper to Challenge Create link party. It starts next month and the second week's theme is linen. Perfect, right? Working ahead!

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  1. Wow, this romper is adorable! I love the linen. I made one too, but it's a bit different :)

    1. Thank you Krista! I've checked yours and it's wonderful.

  2. Oh my! This is adorable! I love that fabric. It looks very "littel girl". Classic.


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