Glimpse of our last week

Sometimes I get too silent, and because of that, I wanted to start a few new things on this blog. One of them is the Pinterest Challenge I have started on June first - yes, I haven't updated it last weekend, but I swear I have crosse 2 of the items out of the list - to be up on Sundays, and on Saturdays, I'd like to give you a glimpse of our last week. 
Sometimes, we (hobby bloggers) are just busy working on things that aren't worth showing off and sometimes we're busy working on things we haven't got permission to post about, or... we're just too busy spending time with our families, which is the greatest part. 

I was able to work on some mending orders, my kid got a new toy, she's learning how to use her scissors, got more orders, was able to finish two more pattern tests, we went to the beach, I've been working on a new refashion for the baby boy, I fixed two maxi dresses for myself, sewn for another series, and am just starting a new birthday present today (not on the photos), got a visit from a dear friend (more about that tomorrow), had a doctor's appointment... 


  1. Que rica barriguinha ;)
    Como eu costumo dizer, há vida antes de um blog, aproveita-a bem, boas costuras e vai dando notícias

  2. Glad to see you are busy and doing well!


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