Refashion Month with Diana Pais

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A Diana diz que a reciclagem de roupa está muito fora da sua zona de conforto, ainda assim, para mim, a Diana é uma grande inspiração e eu tinha de a desafiar outra vez. Ela inspira-me, não só na forma divertida como costura para os filhos e para ela, mas também pela sua personalidade, o seu empenho naquilo que quer e faz feliz. Para quem estava fora da sua zona de conforto, digam lá se ela não se saiu tão bem? 

Diana says she's way out of her comfort zone when it comes to refashioning, still, she is a great inspirations for me and I really needed to challenge her again. She inspires me, not only through her fun way to sew for her kids and herself, but also through her personality, and her efforts in whatever she wants and makes her happy. For someone who was feeling out of her comfort zone, she did pretty good, didn't she? 

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Hi everyone! I'm Diana from the blog Miss Castelinhos. I'm very happy to be a part of House of Estrela's Refashion Month for the second time. I always admire Magda's skills to transform old clothes into something new. Refashion is very much out of my confort zone. Last year I made a shirt for my son, so this year I wanted to try something for myself. I had an old dress from a fast fashion brand... not to name names... it starts with a Z, ends with an A and it has AR in the middle... but that's not important! ;D The dress didn't fit me around the hips anymore, so I thought it could work as a blouse.

The transformation was very easy! I simply cut the dress above the stripes and used the remaining fabric to make the sleeves.

The sleeves have quite a dramatic look to it. I gathered them a bit and attached to the armscye.

And that was it! Because the sleeves were made with the bottom of the dress I kept the original hemline. The only thing left to do was the hem around the waistline.

If you're anything like me and are not sure if you can transform a piece of clothing, this is an easy start. Just grab an old sleeveless dress, cut the bottom off and add some sleeves. You can't go wrong! :D Thank you so much for having me Magda!


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