Refashion Month with Michelle White

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É impossível não gostar da Michelle. Ela é meiga, divertida, honesta e super criativa. Quando penso que não me consegue voltar a surpreender ela vem e bam, lá fico eu de queixo caído com a sua capacidade de reinventar e criar. Exemplo disso mesmo, são alguns dos looks que ela reciclou no último ano e que nos mostra hoje aqui no blog. Visitem mesmo todos os links para os mesmos, aposto que também vão ser apanhadas/os de surpresa com alguns dos materiais que ela usou. Agora, passo-lhe a palavra a ela mesma. 

It is impossible not to love Michelle. She's kind, funny, honest and so creative. When I think she cannot surprise me anymore, she comes and bam, there goes my jaw down again with her reinvent ing and creating skills. Good examples are the ones she's bringing us today, some of the looks she recycled/refashioned in the past year. Please visit all the links for each of them, I bet you too will be amazed when you find out how some of the supplies she used. I am letting her speak now. 

Hi House of Estrela Readers! I am Michelle and I blog over at Falafel and the Bee, as well as take care of things behind the scenes as one of the Virtual Assistants at Project Run and Play.
If you know me already, you will know how I absolutely love everything about refashioning and I do it as often as I can. Not only is it extremely cost effective and speaks to my frugal side, it saves existing garments (and sometimes even trash) from the landfill.
Today I am here to share a little round-up of some of the refashions I have done, since last July. Click on the link below the photo to take you to the individual posts.




I cannot believe how many I have done this past year! I hope you'll come over and check out some of these posts as well as explore the "Upcycle" category I have where you can find things other than garments. Thank you so much, Magda, for having me here. I look forward to this series every year.

Keep on reusing and refashioning, everyone!


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