Refashion Month with Joelle Wacker

Scroll down for english, please!

A Joelle escreve no blog EYMM, e é a convidada de hoje. Ao contrário do que eu fui desta vez, ela é uma excelente anfitriã quando se refere a organizar pattern tours* por blogs. Hoje ela traz-nos o que eu chamo de um desafio divertido e consiste em transformar algo, que a maior parte das pessoas nunca pensaria em usar, numa nova peça maravilhosa. Leiam abaixo o que ela tem a dizer sobre o seu projecto e visitem o link abaixo. 

Joelle is today's guest. She writes over EYMM, and she is a great hostess when it comes to blog pattern tours (unlike me this time - so sorry everyone!). Today she brings what I can a fun challenge. It consists in turning something most people wouldn't even consider, into a new wonderful new garment. You should read what she has to say about it. 

Who can resist a great sale rack find? Not me, apparently even when it's boxer shorts ... especially when the 2-year-old falls in love with them and begs to take home the "superhero shorts." How could I tell him no when I know I can refashion them into something that he can wear and we'll both be happy. Me because he gets a new shirt for just $1 and him because he gets to wear his beloved Avengers! Come on over to EYMM and check out my results!


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