Refashion Month with Heather *Feather*

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Mais um dia a reciclar, desta vez com a fascinante Heather. Mãe de três crianças e imparável. Adoro a sua simplicidade e praticabilidade, e os looks que cria. Admiro o facto de publicar a vida como ela é sem floreados, sendo verdadeira. Se os filhos se sujam mesmo antes de tirar fotos a uma peça nova, ela simplesmente assume que com crianças é assim e publica-as assim mesmo. E isso a meu ver é bom, uma pessoa sente-se mais ligada a ela com a ideia de que afinal nem todos procuram a perfeição. 

Another day refashioning, this time with the fascinating Heather. Mom to three kids, and unstopable. I love her simple and practicale ways, and her casual looks. I admire the fact that she posts things as they are on real life, she's not fake. If her kids get dirty right before the photos of a new item are taken, she'll just assume that it is a fact from life with kids and post it like so. And that's a good thing to relate to her and see that not everyone is aiming to be perfect. 

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I'm so excited to be here and share a refashion with you! I love reusing the best parts of clothing and making it into something new. Today I'm sharing a REALLY simple button down shirt upcycle to make a skirt. It's great because you can keep the button placket and the pocket or pockets on the front. Besides using the button down for a skirt, you can use the other half to make a baby romper and the sleeves to make pants

Button Down Shirt
Sewing Supplies
3/8" elastic

1. Get your shirt ready. I used a women's medium and unpicked all the darts. A men's shirt in any size would also work and you wouldn't have to unpick darts.

2. (The bottom half of the shirt, the collar, and the collar stand can be cut off for the baby romper.) Cut at an angle from the sides seams to the shoulders essentially cutting off the sleeves. I cut an extreme angle to get flared sides.
3. Cut straight across the top cutting off the shoulder seams. I cut the back higher than the front to give room for a baby diaper.
4. Remove the tags if needed.

This top picture is what my cut pieces looked like.
5. Sew the side seams right sides together at 1/4" and finish the edges.
6. Straighten the hem if uneven.

7. Sew a 1/2" casing at the top and insert elastic. I sewed the button placket together at the top to make this step easier.
8. Sew a small hem on the bottom. I kept the hem separated at the button placket to keep a real button down look.

It's simple but impactful! The placket and pockets make it looked like I worked really hard. And I love that I can find interesting and unique color schemes that I might not find in the toddler clothing section at the store!
Thanks for having me and letting me share! I can't wait to see everyone else's refashions!


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