My unperfect patchwork

It feels like I've been creating more than I have been blogging. Phewwww... I don't even know when was the last time I actually crafted more than I blogged, or just read other blogs. YES, I know I still spend too much time online, BUT I have been creating too, and that makes me feel a little happier. 
And now I'm just getting so in the mood for starting my Christmas crafts. I even made the list of people I have to make gifts for. Didn't write nothing (what should I make to each of them) but the people list yet, but that's a start. 
But, more than presents, I have been wanting to make stuff for the house. I want to make my first quilt for Christmas. Something small and simple of course. So, last monday I have started practising my patchwork. I made this:

It's not perfect, can you see?! That's why I have to practise harder. I didn't follow any pattern or instructions, it was just something that came as I went. I like it, but I was kinda lost, didn't really know what to do with it. I had a few ideas but none seemed right for me. Today I have decided, and I am working on it already. As soon as it is finished, of course I will come and share. 

The greatest thing though, is that the exact same day, and even though very late, I have finished my Tilda Santa Claus. It was supposed to be made last Christmas, but I got stuck in the middle of its creation and was there, left on a lonely corner waiting for me to put my hands on it. I didn't have the opportunity to take some pictures of it, but as soon as I do, you know, I'll share too. I'm just thrilled I have finished a past started project... I guess taht's my sort of challenge this month. I have been doing that without aiming for it. 


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