What I've done in June

Yes, back in June I had a cousin's weeding. Why didn't I mention that before? I don't know, I guess I just forgot, there are always so much to blog about in my mind, but in the end, most of it, goes undone. 
Anyway, as I was sayign June 30th more precisely I had my cousin's wedding and for this event I had 4 dresses to sew. My own - the first I thought about. My daughter's - of course, when I thought about making my own, it made total sense to make her one that would match mine. I also thought about making a tie to daddy, that would match too, but after all I bought it... I had too much to do already. So, my sister's and of course, a matching one for my niece. 
This event took place one day after G.'s first birthday, so it was a very busy month for me, I had a lot to do, as I told you here
Here they are, my 50´s inspired dress ( I used a Burda's pattern) and my baby's matching dress.  Dad didn't have his tie on anymore but it was the same blue colour as our dresses. 
I took off the original ribbon on the hat and glued this one with little hearts on it. much better. 

front of the dress for my niece, she looked absolutely beautiful. 

and the back of course. 

my sister is the one in orange. and that's the dress I made her.
By the way, we were laughing because my cousin (brother of the bride's) didn't even know how to shoot the photo, and the one between me and my sister, she's really funny and said something about it that we just couldn't help but laughing). 
So, what's your favourite?!


  1. my favorite is your daughter's layered ruffle dress - so cute, and I love that it coordinates with yours. I'm so glad after two boys that I now have a baby girl to sew for too! Come by and say hi! ~Suzanne (http://winterwonderingswanderingswhatnot.blogspot.com)

  2. My favourite is your daughter's ruffled dress!!! The white sets the darker colour off perfectly...

  3. Thank you both. Hers is my own favourite too but I was very pleased with all the others. =)

  4. What a pretty dresses, who wouldn’t love it!

  5. I have GOT to do more coordinated dresses with my daughter! So sweet.

  6. Love all the dresses! Your daughter's is so sweet with all the ruffles, but I also like how you used the coordinating flowers for your sister and niece.

    1. Thanks! Too bad the dress doesn't fit her anymore... From all the dresses I've made her so far, this is still one of my favourite ones.


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