Still from the t-shirt scraps...

As G. fell asleep for her Sunday afternoon nap, I felt the urge to create. Really, just like two days before, when I had to jump out of bed and do something. Luckily for me, it was day this time. 
I didn't really know what to do, I just kept looking around. I have accumulated a few household shores to do but don't have the energy to go through any of them. 
I sat by my sewing machine and suddenly a light turned on. Near the machine, I still had the leftovers from the t-shirt refashion I made, and an idea started to gain shape in my mind. 
From the pink shirt I had a lot of fabric left, and as I was playing with it in my fingers, I decided what to do, in that same instant. Then cut and tah dah:
How I made it:
1. what I had left
2. the collar had girl written on it, which inspired mee
3. so, I folded it in half, and drew a circle line around it. From the neck line down.
4. cut it. later I basted too.
5. a new cute little skirt for my daughter.

It was going to be pretty much it. But then I still had so much fabric left... and did I mention I hate waste? So, I made a matching briefs. They were so simple to make.
5. fold the remaining fabric and scratched the briefs pattern, on the eye.
6. added an elastic band in the waist, basted the side edges, and added an elastic to each side (legs).
7. patched a heart shaped scrap to the back, just for fun... =D
8. as I felt like it wasn't yet enough, I also made a new headband to match. 
Now that I learned how to make these flowers it seems I want to make G. one matching all her clothes. 
I made a braided headband with the same fabric - again - and just glued the flower to it. I haven't done it yet, but I am planning a new t-shirt for her, using the white t-shirt leftovers. I have to check if there was enough left. Maybe I'll make them matching, and she's have the complete outfit. 

That's great that I made something for her. I love creating for my daughter. I haven't been making more clothes for her, because she has been given so many clothes that some she just won't even ever wear. 


  1. You are so creative to figure out all these cute things from a cut up shirt. The skirt from the turrtleneck? Just brilliant!

  2. Wow......Awesome!! love the pattern & color,thanks for sharing such a great idea.


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