Headbands from scraps

Last saturday, I have made something pretty and simple. And I used scraps left from the t-shirt refashion, which is the greatest thing.
It was my niece's birthday, and I had to rush to my sister's to help to prepare the princess party, but before that, I even got some time to make a cute headband for my G., and for that matter I tried a new way (for me at least!) of making fabric flowers. I used this tutorial  from Make it and Love it and it's so easy and quick. In a blink I had a new headband for my little princess.
It's great that I used the scraps, because I reall don't like any waste. I am a bit of a green person, I recycle every little thing, I donate, or something like that, and when I recycle something and there's some material left I always keep it, hoping I can use it properly later. 
Recently though, I've realised I've been keeping too much stuff and my house is louded, so, I guess, either I start making more stuff and give away to family and friends, or I start declutting soon and do throw a few things away.
Anyway, besides that first headband, later on I made another one.

And really got addicted to them.

Oh, and by the way... how rude am I? I didn't even introduce you, my new head model: Luna! I have saved her from a sad and lonely dark live in the garbage, after she was no longer needed by her previous owner.


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