I swear it is the last one!

So, I guess I have used those two pieces to their fullest use. And I feel so proud of myself that I did so. I so loved the final result of all the pieces that came out of it. 

In my last post, I said I'd like to make a top for baby G. out of the scraps left from the white t-shirt but I wasn't sure if there were enough. I had to get a little creative but after all I made it. I tried to keep it simple and just cutted it straight, after all, it didn't turned out that weel, and one of the strips keeps falling down, but I guess it'll suit her much better, next year. 

So, justo to remind you... I have started with two pieces: a white t-shirt and a pink turtle neck shirt. 
First thing I made was the moto club meeting t-shirt refashion. Which I ended up giving to my sister. Then, I went for the handband, and then the skirt and the rest. And this last one of course. So, I got FIVE brand new pieces out of just two. Brilliant, isn't it?!

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