Tutorial: How to turn sleeves into Pants

This is so simple and so useful! I really wanted to make this tutorial before, I've been making a few of these lately, and people seemed to like them a lot. Really: they are a 10 (if so) minute project. If you have a baby/toodler at home, you know how useful they turn. So, I've put a tutorial together, just in case anyone is interested. 
You only need two sleeves from any shirt you used for anything else. And you'll used the existing seams on it, so making a new pair of pants will be a piece of cake. They make great pajama pants too. 
1. Use a pair of pants that fit your child to draft the pattern (or shorts like I did). 
2. Cut the excess fabric (leave seam alloweances). 
3. Turn legs inside out. 
4. Insert one in the other (right sides together). 
5.Match the seams and pin. 
6. Image of how it looks before...
7. ...you sew it on your machine. I didn't baste, but if you want a better finish then you must do it. And then press your seams. 
8. My waist band wasn't straight, so ...
9. ... after sewing both legs together, I folded the pants and cut it straight, making sure there was still enough fabric left. 
10. Fold once on the waist to insert an elastic (size depending on the elastic you'll use) and pin it. 
11. Sew it, leave an opening to insert the elastic. 
12. Again I didn't baste, but you can/should do it. 
13. Insert the elastic. 
14. Sew the edges of your elastic once it is in place. 
15. Close the opening you had left by sewing it. 
16. And you're done. 

I really hope this was useful. 


  1. These are so cute for your baby. I miss my kids at that age. I tried tomake pants from a sweater for my baby but the butt part was too small! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They're not perfectly sewn together but they are quite good to use at home. =) Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love doing this for play pants for my boys - so easy and no one would ever know!!! ;o)
    I'm doing a whole series on upcycling my twin boys' fall/winter wardrobe, I'd love for you to stop by!!! ~Suzanne (http://winterwonderingswanderingswhatnot.blogspot.com)

  4. This is a really smart idea!

    I found your blog via the connect on SecondHand Couture! I joined recently and am just now getting around to checking out all the other blogs linked!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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