One shirt: two new pieces

After realising I needed to get myself some new summer clothes, I immediately started looking in my bins what could I eventually turn into something usuful, instead of having it there, occupying my precious space. I made the stripped black and white skirt out of the top as I showed you here, and then I tried to imagine other new clothes out of those standing there. 
I started a dress refashion, but then it was left undone for so reason. Instead of finishing the dress, I turned into a brown granny shirt - as I called it the minute I saw it. I liked the fabric, and kept it just because. 

A few days ago, I found a waist band my sister had cut off from a pair of pants a while ago, and had given to me to make something-I-didn't-and-can't-even-remeber-what-it-was. 

So, I thought that waist band colour did in fact match the ugly brown shirt and, yes-yes I turned them both into a new skirt for myself. I had to sew the waist band in order to fit my oh so damn small waist... 

 ... and then I just sewed the two  pieces together. Oh I had made a straight cut on the shirt, right under the arm holes, so I got a rectangle left. Serge it and that's it. A new skirt done.

But, I was left with two entirely sleeves. What would I do? That's an easy one, right? A  new pair of pants for my princess. Those turned out a little short for her, but who cares? This is walk-around-the-house clothes anyway. 
On top of the photo, I am wearing it with a tank top and using the waist band on the waist. 
On the rest of the photos, I wear the skirt as if it was a dress. I have a tank top on, and the waist band is right under the breast, then I used a brown belt on the waist and kinda made a dress too. 
Can you see my cat looking just like me on the second photo? hehe


  1. You are so cute! The skirt looks amazing on you.

  2. Thanks so much dear! You're too!!! =)


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