Glimpse of our last week #25

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I had a couple weeks break on our weekly glimpses, but I am back again. I haven't been taking a lot of photos because my camera is getting worse and worse each day. It doesn't really focus anymore unless I use the flash light =( 

S. is already wearing the bigger clothes I made for him while pregnant. G. skipped school for a day and we did a lot of activities on our own. Drawing, painting a piggy, shoot some photos for a review, put our christmas tree down. S. can't drink water on his own. G. loves tulicreme. I went thrift shopping, which I didn't for a while. And, I just finished another pattern test (actually starting on a second test for this one). 


  1. Essa miúda está cada vez mais bonita! A nossa árvore só foi desmanchada este fim de semana e depois de muita negociação 😊...

  2. =D Pensava que era só dos meus olhos que todos os dias lhe digo o mesmo... está lindaaaaaaaa a minha princesa! A nossa tb foi só na sexta e ela não entendeu muito bem porque tinhamos que guardar td quando propus a tarefa, mas como podia ajudar a arrumar tudo, fê-lo muito satisfeita.


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