Refashioned Girl Briefs |take 1|

These are part of the items I made last year but haven't blogged about yet. I will try to post everything still, because I really want to document everything I make (for myself mostly). After these, I've been wanting to make a few briefs for my daughter. This time though, I really wanted to draft a pattern from a pair of rtw briefs she had. We both loved them so much, and besides, the pattern I used the first time, is still big on her; so I did. 

I drafted a new pattern out of those rtw and refashioned clothes that no longer fit her into new briefs. I used an elastic I saved from something else, and turns out it wasn't as good as I thought anymore. After I attached it, it stretched more than it should and miss G. didn't wear this more than once. I used the sleeves from a hoodie for this one. I saved the rest of the piece to turn it into a vest, I only need to hem where I cut, or maybe add some bias. The sleeves were too short already, but the body still fits. 

For the second pair I used a preloved top from her as well. I loved loved loved the fabric in this and was so terrible sad when she grew out of it. I saved it into my refashion pile, my first though was "I can use it for cuffs", but I am happy I made something cuter than cuffs. For the waist band I used leftovers from the fabric I used in another project (for myself). 


  1. Cute, I love both of them. The black and turquoise combo is cute! I have been wanting to make my girls underwear forever, I just haven't! A perfect refashioning opportunity!

    1. Thanks Monica. The turquoise is my favourite too. The original shirt was also a very loved one. You should give it a try, it is so quick to make. How old is she? I have drafted two sizes already, maybe one of this fits, and I can send you the pattern.

  2. What a great remake- love them:)

  3. Very clever way or re-using outgrown clothes. Both look great. Like Monica, I am yet to make knickers for my little one yet.

  4. I would love the pattern! Do you have it to share?

  5. I love these! Do you have a pattern to share?


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