Glimpse of our last week #27

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

A lovely week I'd say. Even though it is way too cold over here, we have enjoyed a few family moments, which warms up my heart. We spent a morning in the beach - how I love to be close to it and visit it in winter, even more than in summer. G. enjoyed being allowed to step into the water. She has also skipped school on dad's free day and we visited Portimão. We did some shopping too, and we got to see the rainbow on our way back. G. loves rainbows, she was just amazed to see a real one. V. has a, eye infection and had to go to the ER because of it, it's lasting too long and was getting worst. He's on new meds now and finally feeling better. I used Aloe Vera to style my babies hair... we had some fun that day! When G. saw her fruit that day she told me "MOM, that fruit is so cute!", then she ate it all. She loves to draw following dots. I found MY Barbie dolls and was devastated because my favourite one had a broken arm =(

And just in case you've missed it... there was something fun in the blog too.

click the link to each day to see what my guests refashioned!


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