Glimpse of our last week #28

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

With both kids sick, we spent this week mainly in doors. G. made me a neckless out of my tape and took the photo. My mother made her doll a new outfit and sent it through my dad. she missed grandma. A dear friend sent G. some pink tulle through mail, I made something out of it already. G. loves to cut paper, she can spend hours doing that. I am so glad that I can see the sea through my wondow, it's not much, but enough to enjoy the place I live in. S. has had fever, but he's much better now, firth tooth is out. I shoot my cats, I didn't for so long. And, there's been a few new items in the sewing table... three of them will be revealed tomorrow. 

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