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My balance |Fabrics, Refashioning & Thrifting|

It wasn't on my top 5 goals for 2015, but really, I don't need to add that anymore. Sewing from my stash and my refashion clothes pile has just become part of who I am and how I sew. I realised over the last couple of years that sewing doesn't have to be expansive. In fact, I can save a lot while sewing. Last year I tried to keep track of how much I was paying for the supplies I bought, but I got lost somewhere in between and I couldn't keep up with it. This year, I am planning to get a bit more organized, I have a folder on my computer, where I add photos of supplies, fabric, thrift clothes I buy with the information of how much I spent for each item. 

Even though I commited to not buying new fabrics last year, I did get a few new ones. I didn't buy them all, I got a couple from my grandma's friend, as birthday gifts from hubby and also from online sewing friends. In the list of the ones I bought there are more knits than wovens, for the simple fact that those weren't much in my stash before, so I needed these more than the other. When I look at my fabric piles right now, these new in 2014 included, I realise I lack on boys appropriate fabric. I have a few that are gender neutral, but most of them are really for girls. Because of that, I will allow myself buying new fabrics anytime I need it, even though I will always try to go for refashioning. There's all sorts of fabric prints and types in that pile. Some of the fabrics on the photos are already leftovers from pieces I made last year, which is a good sign, I bought them, but I have used them too. I haven't used a lot of them for the simple fact that most of them were bought after S. was born, which was also when I decreased my sewing projects for lack of time or mood. 

I was donated so many clothes last year. Closer to the end of the year I chose through it again and have donated a few of them myself too, there's just too much in my stash already and every now and then I have to do this. It was all getting too messy. I have used some of the pieces from the first photo below as they were, they were given to me by my own who got a little extra weight, and gave it all to me. 

Go ahead. Have fun trying to figure the pieces I have used from these piles already. There are a few. Anyway, a few were donated, and the pile is slightly shorter. I still have too many pieces to go through, and still, it always seems like enough is never enough when you are an addict. Last week I went thrifting in my favourite charity shop. And it is my favourite because all adult clothes and shoes cost 1€ and all kids clothes and shoes cost 0,50€, which is the closest to nothing. I usually thrift for refashioning, but often I fall in love with a piece and buy it to use as is. This was the case this last time. I didn't fall in love, but I was looking for specific warm shirts for both my kids, knitted ones because I don't knit. I eneded up bringing that and more, much more, but all costed me 9,50€, so, why should I complain. 

The butterfly are pieces for G. Ladybug for me (even though the blue skirt was going into my stash until I tried it on and realised I loved it, i just have to fix the waist at 1" less probably), those shoes were NEW, never used before. Snail goes into refashion and the bee is for S. They had so little to his size for boys. 


  1. Great finds in your thriftstore, and wow that's a lot of second hand fabric! Are you sewing along this KCW? perfect theme!

    1. Most certainly I will sew along KCW, especially because of the theme for this season. =D

  2. Que maravilha, gostava mesmo de ter uma loja dessas ao pé de mim... Ou talvez não, acho que me desgraçava mais depressa... :-)

    1. Esta é da Stª Casa Patrícia. As roupas são doadas à loja social, e as famílias carenciadas que estejam inscritas podem ir buscá-las de graça. O resto, como eu, paga os 0,50€ pelas peças de criança, e o 1€ pela dos adultos. Este dinheiro rever-te a favor de famílias necessitadas tb. Já experimentaste procurar na tua zona por lojas socias? Há cada vez mais, e fico eu feliz e sempre ajudo com qualquer coisinha (tb costumo doar algumas roupas lá).

    2. Não, por acaso nunca o fiz mas vai entrar na minha lista.... :-)


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