A simple project: Flower hair clips

A couple of weeks ago, daycare asked us parents to help them collecting a few things so theu could sell in a local Christmas fair. The money from the sells would go to new materials for the kids. I went through my ready-made box of handmades and found two wallets and a dress I was willing to donate. But I thought that wouldn't be much, so to add a few more things I made some very quick hairclips. The flowers were done - I have a jar full of them from the time I learnt how to make them - so all I had to do was glue the ribbon to the clips, then glue the flower on it, and a button to finish. I made 6 hairclips to complete my donation in just a few minutes. Which is the best I can do lately. 

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  1. These hair clips are so cute. One of my classmates just got her hair cut into a cute bob, and needs a clip to keep her hair from her face during clinical. I was thinking about making her a couple of these as a gift.
    Daycare must surely appreciate your donations!


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