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When Christmas time comes, the hardest thing for me is to come up with gifts for boys and men. I never know what to get them, especially men. Boys are easier because I can always give them toys for their age, but men... why is that so hard? I usually like to think my gifts deep, I like them to be appropriate for the individual person, something that I'll know they will love or that they really need. 

For the last few years, I made edible gifts, liquors, cookies, chocolates, etc. This year though, I couldn't dedicate too much time to handmade gifts and so I bought all the men's presents. For our (hubby's & mine) fathers, and a brother-in-law who's a fishermen I bought very warm underpants. For the other two brothers-in-law, I got gloves for one (yeah... I really didn't know what to get him and besides, none of us gets along that well with him, this was just a gesture, so we wouldn't get there with our hands empty for him when bringing gifts for everyone else), and for the other one, who's like a real brother for me, I got a cheese book with a few cutting tools and a wood board. Hubby got a new camera. 

These are all the adult males I usually make or buy presents for. When it comes to boys, we only have a nephew, all the rest are girls. So, other than my cutest nephew, I only have two more boys, from friends that I like to make/buy gifts for. For my nephew and the older friend's boy I bought toys, but I wanted to make something handmade for the little one (he's 2), and I had the idea in my mind for quite a while. 

I made him a pocoyo memory game in fabric. I started by printing 8 pocoyo pictures in transfer paper, well, twice of each. Then all I had to do was ironing it to a white fabric and cut into squares, cut the same number of squares in a blue fabric and sew it all together. I actually made two of these games. The first wasn't this one, it was made for a secret friend game I played with some moms from a forum we're all in since I got pregnant with G. 

This is the first game I made:

I didn't like that the squares weren't perfect, so when I did the second, instead of sewing pocoyo front and blue fabric right sides together, then turning around and sewing the edges, I tried just putting both squares wrong sides together and sew them with a zig zag stitch. I personally liked this one better and it was made easier too. 

Another thing I made different from the first to the second was the acessory where to keep the game when it's not being used. For the first one, I made a drawstring bag, but for the second I made a zipper pouch, I think it will last longer than the first, and it will also keep the pieces safer inside. 

Now I might have to make a girly version of these for my own daughter. I think she'd love a memory game all for herself. I just have to decide, maybe ask for her help, and choose a character for her memory game. 


  1. Adorei as prendas Magda ;o) O jogo dos pares (memória) é perfeito e ele gosta muito do Pocoyo (mas eu mais ainda, achos super fofos, o pato então...) A bolsinha de enrolar é perfeita para as minhas agulhas tricot e crochet ;o) e o tecido é muito fofo ;o) Espero ter aquecido as vossas cabecinhas neste Natal e o pescocinho da G. Houve mudança de planos na distribuição das prendas do pai Natal e achei que a boina e gola fariam um conjunto muito bonito para ela. Beijinhos ;o)

    1. Ainda bem que gostaste, infelizmente não deu para costurar coisas mais elaboradas com muita pena minha, já sabes. Para ti tinha algo em mente um pouco diferente mas dentro do estilo. Estou a usar a minha boina... heheheh... adorei! O conjunto da G. fez sucesso!!! =D Obrigado, beijinhos

  2. I just saw one of these games made from fabric scraps. I was telling my husband the game would be nice for our boys and my nephew. Thanks for sharing the sewing tip. I like the look of the second set best.


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