Looking back at all of my PR&P items

It's almost a year since I finally started sewing along Project Run & Play - to read details on all the outfits, just click here and you'll be able to see every PR&P post I've made so far - and I never thought it would push me so much. It is a great way to be inspired, learn new techniques... and meeting great sewing mammas to share our thoughts and ideas with. My sewing blogging got so much better since I started sewing along. I've been loving it. 

Today, I am making a look back through the last year, with the clothes I've sewn inspired on PR&P themes.
SO, I started sewing along with season six, here's what I did with each of the themes:

week one: pattern remix

week two: polka dots & stripes

week three: boy's

week four: love is in the air

week 5: men's dress shirt challenge

week 6: Signature style

Between seasons, then there was a Party Remix, and this is what I made:

And before season 7, we had a All Stars season, with a four week challenge. Challenges were...

week one: inspired by art

week two: riley blake chevron

week three: all in the details

week four: formal wear
... and the first theme I missed sewing along since I've started to. 

The latest season was number 7 and I happily sewed along all four themes. 
week one: pattern remix
week two: candy inspired

week three: mad about plaid

week four: signature style

So, what's your favorite? I've got a few personal faves: week 5 & 6 from season 6 really make me happy and proud; and so does all the All Stars season outfits I created, I guess that was my best season. I like the things I made for the last season too, but I just realised they were a bit more practical. 

Season 8 is about to start, as I've already mention a few posts ago, and I am really excited about the new themes. I have big plans but I am really afraid I won't be able to do all I have imagined. Crossing my fingers though. If you're on board too, it'll be great to see what you'll make then... stay around if you want to see what else I'll be sewing!


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