Pattern Testing: Cupcake top

So, last month, I was able to test for Sewing MamaRaeAnna again. I was very excited to test for her again and this cupcake top is just adorable. She asigned me the 18 months size. I have a grandniece who's just that age right now but it totally fitted my daughter too after all. Mine is nearly 30 months, but she's skinny I guess. 

I was in the middle of that huge order when I sewed this, and I didn't even got the time to take good pictures of it. I visited my niece to get her daughter into the top and check out the fit. On the photo below, that's my grandniece wearing it on the top photos and my daughter on the bottom photos. 

This was RaeAnna's first sketch of the pattern, it has been changed and improved ever since. This pattern is about to be realeased and I am sure you'll love it. 

Unfortunately I couldn't be a better tester this time. I only got to make this one piece and then it was impossible for me to sew at all. I haven't done anything, and I feel terrible sad about that... actually I'm starting to feel a little frustrated. 

So, although it was a test top, I wanted to make it cute. Or, at least I tried to. I chose pink and brown knits because it reminds me of cupcake colors. Chocolate brown and strawberry pink. The pink fabric is the same I used for the romper I made for my little cousin a couple of months ago, and the brown is actually left overs from a t-shirt I used to make my daughter a (failed) pair of leggings I never blogged about yet. It was actually grey, but by the time I dyed my brown jeans, I included the t-shirts scraps in the machine, I knew I'd get a chance to use it. 

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  1. It's adorable! I fits both girls great, and I love your combo of brown and pink!


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