Top 5 of 2013 |The MISSES|

Three days ago, I started by sharing with you my 5 sewing Hits from 2013, today, I have prepared the 5 misses from the year. Ready for it?

Number 5 

Knock off nightgown. I actually like it, but it's not wearable at all. It didn't work as a nightgown, it has so many details, it'd be perfect as a regular dress, but there a problem with it... completely see through. So, She hasn't been wearing it, and what good is it to spend so much time sewing something, if you don't get the best of it?!

Number 4 

Boy outfit for my nephew. I had to sew a boy outfit for PR&P's theme week, and I am pleased with the pattern, but honestly, when I look at this outfit nowadays I just see how girly it looks for a boy. I guess his sister will wear it more often than he ever did. 

Number 3

Shorts for my nephew. First thing to make it go straight to the fails list is the fact that my dear nephew didn't even want to put these on for the picture. He didn't like it at all, and was even ashamed to be seen in it! The fabric I chose wasn't good enough either... I refashioned two t-shirts and they weren't that elastic. 

Number 2

My peplum dress. What can I say that I haven't before?! Although many liked this, it is still a failure for me. I feel like I ruined two shirts I was saving for a great refashion, and just went and used them on an item that turned out totally unusefull...

Number one

My black & white striped dress. This is my biggest heartache when it comes to my sewing in 2013. I was so pleased with this dress, I had been wanting to make it for years actually, and when I did, I didn't realise how bad my fabric was... it got ruined after the first wash... the black color was totally faded and it ended up in a garbage bin, with little pieces of my heart.

And that's it, my 2013 failures. Next list? Reflections! It's going to be a hard one to write for me, but I will do it. 


  1. I LOVE that peplum. It looks great on you! What didn't you like?
    I have had fabric fall apart or even bunch up after washing. It is always so sad after putting so much time in.

  2. So sad! I loved the black and white dress. I have to admit, my biggest sewing fear is my finished garments falling apart in the wash.
    Your 'misses' aren't too bad.


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