Big Girls Briefs

Do you often forget to take pictures of a piece you plan to refashion before you actually cut it? It sure happens to me. I bought this t-shirt in a charity shop a few months ago and was just waiting for the opportunity to use it. I started cutting, and then I thought about taking the photo.

So, a while ago, I was one of Mama Nene's testers for her Big Girl Briefs pattern. I had been with the underwear sewing bug, and it was the push I needed to finally get something done. And that t-shirt was just perfect for it. For the front piece, I have used some scraps from a shirt I refashioned a while ago into a new one for my daughter. Can you see the little embroidered crown? A detail that was already in the original shirt and I thought it would be cute to use it. 

I tested the smallest size, which is 3 years, which is a little too big for my already 3 year old girl. So, although I really liked to use this pattern, I must wait a little longer until I make any new pairs. I plan to though. The pattern for this is awesome, I love the briefs shape. 

I loved the final piece so much, with the crown on the front and the pirate on the back... I can't actually wait until it fits her perfectly for her to start using it. I think I will save some of her stained t-shirts and see if they are ok to refashion into briefs. This is a very quick sew, and the perfect marriage for people who enjoys refashioning as much as I do. 


  1. Those are adorable! I love it!!

  2. Thanks Magda for sharing!
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    Hugs from Italy,


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