Glimpse of our last week #11

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

It was a lovely week. We took G. to several parks in different places. Enjoyed our relax time as always, with a less crying baby for a change. At home, G. has been entertained with the everyday "toys". Ever since she was a baby she loves to play with the clothes pins. She made a sculpture out of them this time. She loves to play with my buttons too, she didn't for a while, so she was super excited. I gave her a huge sheet, a brush and paint and she did a piece of art. hehe

We visited daddy at his work and G. was so exausted after a while that she fell asleep on the floor. She keeps spreading her toys in the floor and argues it is for her brother to play with her when he grows. She loves that swing. My favourite fruit. Having fun with her cousins. My love got me a new cell phone. She's 3 and we're back to slinging around. I am slowly sewing again. Can't believe it! The reason why she must sleep alone!


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