Glimpse of our last week #10

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

Another week. This one was mainly about my kids and spending time with them. Time flies by so fast and August in nearly over. G. will be back to kindergarden in September. 
We had my brother in law's birthday and G. made him a drawing of him as a birthday gift. My house is a mess, there are toys everywhere and I can't do anything because S. is still crying a lot most days and when he doesn't, I fully dedicate to the big sister and things like having us fed. But S. smiles a lot too and that melts my heart. 
I was able to do some sewing, a pattern test. We took G. to the beach at the end of the day and we've been in the park often too. I finally bought the paint for the crib and other accents for their room... 

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