Refashioned baby Shoes

Here's a no-sew refashion for a change. I got my baby boy a new pair of shoes, do you like them?

One evening, pretty late, and while still pregnant, I looked at these shoes. They have been in the family for quite a while - as many of my kids clothes and shoes - these particular ones, belonged first to my nephew, then were passed on to his sister, then my daughter and it was time to pass them on to my son now. However, when I looked at them, I doubt keeping them. Time and storage have damaged them a little, they were stained (and wouldn't come out) and a little yellowish in the soles... check yourself:

I decided to keep them though, S. doesn't have that many shoes yet so, it'd be nice to keep this extra pair -for free. I used fabric ink to paint the black parts, and a fabric marker for the red ones. And I loved how much stylish they look now! They are still a bit too big for my baby, but I can't wait until they fit to have him wearing them.


  1. A great way to extend the life of the ever so little shoes, Magda!

  2. Que diferença! Ficou muito giro!


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