Glimpse of our last week #22

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

Phew another week gone by. We're so close to the end of the year. The princess has a hear infeccion so she skipped school for a couple of days this past week. It shortened my sewing time and I was so tired when I put the kids to bed that I just couldn't stand up and would fall asleep too. I managed to finish a few things though... some aren't pictured here, like a pattern test. A friend had a baby boy (two weeks ago) and we visited themr (I usually visit babies when they are a little older, but she -mom- had ordered me a breastfeeding pillow and a sling so I visited them sooner than usual). S. had an appointment, and the next day he had his first soup. We've up our Christmas tree up on the first as tradition tells us to, G. and I did so, while S. sat at daddy's lap and dad would take photos of us. Us girls made our special cake, she was just so happy. I had her little hands helping me as I prepared some cards to be sent. And I made us a new advent calendar... I didn't post anything the last week... and I just realised that now. 


  1. Tanta coisa fazes tu! :-) ...Também faço sempre visitas mais tardias, o primeiro mês é duro.

    1. às vezes parece-me calhar sou demasiado exigente comigo mesma!


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