Preparing Christmas II: Santa Wraping Box

At G.'s kindergarden, we were asked to have her picking one of her toys for a gift exchange with the other kids. It had to be hers (we couldn't buy a new one) and it had to be wrapped by us. And we could use our creativity to do so. She picked a huge Garfield shaped back pack that she never wore in her life, but it was too big to fit a shoe cardbox, so I had to use a slightly bigger one from a plastic swimming pool. I had the idea in my mind of using a Santa hat, somehow, to make it. I then did a quick search on google and the idea was finished and turned into something real. Using different paper colours, I cut the shapes, add the glue and she glued it to the box (with some help of course). When we were finished we had a cute Santa as the wrapping to her gift. I was really proud of it. And I loved making it with her!

Oh, and if you don't get it why it is the second post of preparing Christmas, you can see the first thing I made HERE


  1. Que giro Magda! Que ideia gira!
    Hoje tenho que fazer uma estrela com a Inês para ela levar para a festa de Natal da escola...

    1. Obrigado Marta. Eu adoro fazer estas coisas com a minha filhota. A festa da G. foi ontem, havia trabalhos expostos, feitos pelas famílias e esta tudo tão giro. O mais engraçado é que era raro haver algo feito na mesma técnica. Adorei!

  2. Que amor! Ficou espectacular! Aposto que ela foi para a escola super orgulhosa com o seu presente! :-)

    1. Nem imaginas!!! Assim que chegou entregou à educadora e fez questão que o tirasse para fora para todos verem, a minha princesa babada!

  3. A fabulous way to wrap a gift, Magda!!!


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