TOP 5 of 2014 |day 1: the HITS|

Last year I participated in the Top 5 of 2013, and I don't know if anyone is organizing that again this year, but I am doing my own here this year too. Between today and the end of the month/year, I will be posting about my top 5: hits, misses, reflections, most seen and on the 1st of January, I will post my top 5 goals. And I am starting today with the hits.

#5 |Newborn Onesie|

I made this long sleeved and a short sleeved version of these. They are newborn sized and this particularly one was the first piece of clothe my baby boy wore. He looked just too cute in it. It didn't fit for too long, of course. 

#4 |Red Velvet Jacket|

This jacket was one of the first pieces of 2014. I refashioned a pair of woman's red velvet pants into it and it is warm, cute and stylish. My daughter wears this often and everybody feels jealous about it. A true hit. 

#3 |Paris Outfit & Spring Showers Jacket|

This might be one of my favourite outfits ever. In these pictures my daughter is wearing three of the cutest pieces I made her. An Izzy top, small fry skinny jeans and spring showers jacket. She wears all pieces often, which is great!

#2 |Maternity Shirt|

Number 2 on my top 5 is something for me. I made this shirt while competing in Challenge Create. It is a maternity shirt, that became a  nursing shirt for a white and now it's just a cute tunic waiting for summer to be used again. I love all about it. One of my favourite pieces from all the ones I made myself in years. 

#1 |Duvet Cover|

My absolutely number one is my new duvet. I started making it in 2013 and only finished it over a year later, but it was so worth it. I haven't really put a blog post about it yet, but I really had to include it as my number one in this list. I had never done such a huge patchwork work, and it's not perfect, but I love it so much!

Come back tomorrow for my 5 misses of 2015. 


  1. Nem te sei dizer de qual gosto mais... :-) mas adoro a túnica...

    1. Obrigado. Há tantas outras coisas que adoro, um deles ainda nem publiquei (o tal que te mostrei) mas fica para o pró ano.

  2. (Comecei de tras para a frente... do mais recente ate este) Que posts fantasticos, adorei ler! A colcha esta espectacular!

    1. A ideia não foi minha, já tinha feito o ano passado inspirada noutro blog, e este ano quis repetir porque adorei rever tudo o que ficou para trás em 2014.


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