TOP 5 of 2014 |day 2: the MISSES|

#5 - Wallet for my nephew

I made this one in a hurry. The sewing isn't perfect, but the thing that makes me think of it as a fail is the fact that I added the appliques in the back instead of doing it to the front. 

#4 - Shorts for my niece

This was a perfect one if it wasn't for the fact that it didn't really fit my niece. It was too tight and therefore she didn't like it and sent it back to me after a few days. We are now waiting for it to fit my daughter instead. 

#3 - Bubblelicious Romper

The idea sounded perfect in my head before I made it. I loved the two separate pieces so I tried the mashup. The bad part? Well, somehow I left the tights too short and it is so hard for her to put in on and off that it turned out to be little functional and she might have put it on like twice. 

#2 - boy shirt

Getting closer to the top of this list, which is not a good thing. I was pretty happy about this shirt I printed for my baby boy until I added the collar and it went terrible wrong. It is a 6-9M size and he hasn't wore it yet. I don't know how it looks but I hope it's wearable at all. 

#1 - Baby boy pants
On top of this list, this pants. Just look at the photo above. Do I have to explain what happened here? Way-too-tight pants for my chubby boy. he only wore it this time and that's it, it was put aside. The good thing? They didn't take too long to sew, luckily for me. Can you image this happening with something that'd take hours and hours to make?!

Next on the line: my 2014 most seen posts!


  1. I just love the printing you did on the t-shirt, Magda. I hope it's able to be worn. Is it possible to redo the neck? If you're anything like me, you won't want to alter something once it's finished.

  2. I love that you showed (and owned up to) the things that may have not come out perfect.
    It isn't all roses when sewing! We all have those moments.

  3. Acho que isto é um exercício fantástico de reflexão que eu também devia fazer ;-) Posso "copiar" um bocadinho esta tua ideia? ... :-)

    1. Força. Podes levar a minha imagem tb se quiseres!!! Eu ia adorar ver!


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