TOP 5 of 2014 |day 4: Reflections|

Everytime another year comes to an end, we all tend to think of what we've done those last 365 days that passed. I usually think more of the think I have created than the things that happened to me, to us. It was a good year, either way. We've welcomed a new baby in our family and nothing could be better than that. 
Just like last year, I will share 5 reflections of my own, about this lastest year - sewing related, of course. In between one and another, I will leave you with photos from the projects I did. 
Just like last year, I commited to buy as little as I could (fabric or ready made clothes). And I did pretty well through the year. Until the very last couple of months. I guess, I used so much from my stash, I had so little comparing to when I started two years ago, it began to be really hard to find approriate fabrics to make whatever I needed. I especially noticed I needed more knits and boy fabric. 

It's easy to see who I sew the most for, right? When there is an only princess in the house it is hard not to sew so much for her. Especially when most of the pattern tours and tests I've been on were girly inspired. I count 36 items made this year in the collage above. 24 of them are refashions.
#2. Refashions
When I started refashioning, I never thought that I would be mentioned as the "refashion queen" as often as I have been. Which I still find funny. Really, I don't think I am a queen of anything, but I agree I do love a good refashion, for all the reasons you can think of, but growing with so little, I've always enjoyed making the things I wanted from pre existing items, so it is just a part of me, something I've always done with different materials and that has, eventually passed into my sewing too. My pile of clothes to refashion keeps growing. Family and friends that know that I sew, keep donating me clothes (thanks and keep them coming) to select from because they are always so amazed at what those pieces turn into after I "work them out". And that makes me feel good. I plan to keep on refashioning, that's for sure. 

Here's everything I made for myself in 2014. I guess I did pretty good. I spent half the year pregnant and it felt so great. Apart from the nightgown and the two fixing projects (the two latest photos in the collage), those things were created because I was either challenge for a tour or a sewing challenge. Only two pieces were made after S. was born, which means I did a lot of clothes during pregnancy. The are 14 items that I've sewn from sketch, refashioned or fixed in here.
#3. Blogging

After my second child was born, I found myself thinking about quitting blogging a few times. Or at least slow down. And I actually have, I was forced to. I couldn't keep blogging as much as I did before. He's too little and he needs me more and more. I decided to keep blogging, but I might cut a little on a few things I love deeply, but I will mention that in a second. 

While expecting S.'s arrival, I sewed a lot for him. There are 16 items above - one is not sewing related, but oh well, it's a refashion. There are 11 refashions here, and only two outfits were done after he was born (two first top photos). I guess there will be a few more boyish clothes next. He needs them.

#4. Sewing Competitions, Sewalongs Guest Posting, Pattern Testing and Pattern Tours

Here's something I love deeply, but I might have to say "no" a little more often from now on. I was so happy that so many bloggers thought of me for a few of their tours, and so glad that a lot of designers picked me to test their patterns, I have to apologise to two of them - I failed the deadlines and I felt terrible about it, which is also one of the reasons that made me think I should slow down a little. Also, it was great to apply to some tours and find out that I was part of them after all. Thank you all! I do want to keep doing that as long as you want me, but I just can't say yes all the time. I am sorry, but I want 2015 to be more about my family. I feel like I've failed so many times in 2014 in this field, just because there was a deadline on the corner, and I don't want that anymore. 

Apart from my own kids, I have also been sewing for other kids. In the collage above, there are 5 items for my older niece, 4 for my younger niece, 3 for a costumer, 2 for a friend and one for my nephew. 15 items total here, 8 of them are refashions. 

#5. Sewing as a business

I've been thinking about that for a while. I have always wanted to have my sewing business but can't quite decide on what I want to do. This year though, I've been thinking a little harder on what to do, and while I don't, I have been accepting small orders to fix or alter some pieces. I have always been selling baby slings and breastfeeding pillows again. 

But sewing clothes isn't all that I have done this year. I even did some other crafts. I sewed for my home, with 3 pillows and a duvet, and a costumers house too with a bag dispenser. I sewed wallets for my nephew, a breastfeeding pillow for a friend, a maternity bag to take to the hospital an then I made a Santa wraping gift for G. to take to school, a Xmas wreath and an advent calendar. 

What a year. AND these are only the things that got to the blog in 2014. Many other were made but haven't shown here yet, especially in these latest weeks. There were presents made, patterns tested, and so on. Some, I guess will never be blogged, because sometimes things fall into forgetness, other will be up as soon as I can edit and post them. I hope you had a great year. That you've created, and if somehow I was able to inspire you, thank you for being there. It wouldn't be as fun to do all this if I didn't know, that you are there, on the other side - sometimes worlds apart - reading, and commenting and supporting. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 


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