Glimpse of our last week #23

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

We're on the countdown to Christmas and it is going faster than I hoped for. Why is it that there's always so much to do around this time of the year? And I just keep adding things to the list! It was a good week. Again. Me and the kids met some online friends for the first time, we spent a short but nice time together as our girls played together. I made a Christmas wreath for the first time. I had both the kids doing inhalations - they so love it!!! I was given more clothes for refashion and had to re-organize my refashion closet. I made the first Christmas gifts (it was about time). Finished another pattern test (can I say my favourite thing  from the latest months?!!!). I recieved a copy of Constança's book from my bloggy friend Patrícia. Santa was homework from G. and last but not least, I was on a secret friend gift exchange and I got my present... way too cool I can tell you! Best Christmas gift ever (after my sewing machine *hehe*). 


  1. Linda! Presentes de natal é sempre bommmmm! :-)

    1. Sabes?! Eu até gosto mais de dar do que de receber. Receber tb é muito bom, claro, mas pensar a prenda, executá-la, é todo um processo até chegar à mão de quem pertence que eu adoro! beijinhos


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