Glimpse of our last week #24

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

not much going on this week. We had G.'s school Christmas party, where she fell terrible shy when Santa called her to give her a gift. A doll. she enjoyed the balloons, food and music though. It's funny how over all the teacher's, she wanted the one from last year's only. Little S. slept most of the time while there but he enjoyed it a little too, by the end of it. My parents were here for the arty too, and once at home, my mom started knitting a dress for G.'s baby doll and she wanted to knit too, we had a blast with her. They both recieved gifts from an online friend, she absolutely loved her new words game, and they also got a surprise from another online friend (but pictures are missing). I have been inventoring the fabrics I bought this year (I broke badly my commitment of not buying any fabrics!). I have also inventoring my threads to see what colours do I need. To finish of, we have our own little Santa!!!


  1. Mas olha que quebraste o teu compromisso por uma boa causa, esses tecidos são bem giros ;-) ....

    1. lol... opá e foi quase tudo mais para o fim do ano... deu-se-me assim um ar e vá de comprar sem pensar muito nisso... ah, e se fossem só estes!


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