July Refashion Month Announcement (Edited)

Have you been wondering about the Refashion Month button on my sidebar? Maybe you've seen it in some other blogs?! I will tell you all about it now.

Last year, I had a Refashion month in July here at House of Estrela. It was something small, most of anything, something personal. I did have one guest though. I have enjoyed it so much, and ever since my love for refashioning has only grown bigger.

So, YES, I am planning a new refashion month this year. Again in July, but this time around I wanted it to be bigger, much bigger, so I have invited a few of my favourite refashionistas and bloggers. Of course some of them couldn't make it. I was actually afraid most of them would say no to my invitation, so I couldn't be more honoured to have all of those amazing ladies sharing their skills with us. I can't stop thanking them enough for dedicating their time to my blog event.

Curious to know who's in for the challenge? Here's the line up!

I'm sure you'll want to come back in JULY to see what everyone comes up with. 

EDIT, May 15th: I'm so happy and honoured to announce that I will have two new guests joining in for the fun:
Carissa from Carissa Knits and Jillian from Refashionista
This is getting better and better!


  1. It should be a great month, Magda. Looking forward to it!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! As you know, I am very honored, yet a little intimidated to be feature with all of these blog celebrities. Can't wait!

    1. =D You'll do great! I'm pretty sure. Can't wait either... but I'm sure time will fly by pretty quick! I'm working on a few refashions myself!

  3. I feel like Theresa... but I hope you'll like my refashion!


    1. <3 you have nothing to worry about!

  4. Wow, this is a great initiative. Looking forward to the refashions on this blog :-)
    Your newest follower!


  5. Thank you Agy! Welcome to the house...
    I hope you'll enjoy following with all the refashions! Those ladies are all amazing! =)


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