Project Sewn and my own thoughts

This is 80's themed week at Project Sewn and as I try to decide (yet) if I join the sew along or not, I just had to share my thoughts hoping some of you will tell me back your own opinion about it. 

The 80's were rebellious. I was born in the early 80's. 1983 more precisally - actually by the end of 1983. When I thought that maybe I should join this week's sewalong, I found it funny to do something inspired at a picture from the year I was born. 

But then again. Seriously? Who, in right concious would do anything from the 80's? Ok, there are some acceptable pieces but most of them use colours I would never use... no way... and the shape? Oh Jesus, that shape... The 80's were creepy in my point of view. 

Then I tried to think/recall some of my mom's clothes from that time and get inspired. But all the clothes I can recall I would never wear either and can't find a way to recreate them now. 

So, if I join this week's sewalong, I am pretty much getting inspired in someone I adored back then. Someone that even though I didn't understand a single word of what she sang, I would sing along and dance like crazy... From her it was said that (...) look and manner of dressing, her performances, and her music videos influenced young girls and women and her style became one of the female fashion trends of the 1980s (...) the look consisted of lace tops, skirts over capri pantsfishnet stockings, jewelry bearing the crucifix, bracelets, and bleached hair.
Not too hard to know who I am talking about, right?!


  1. It was a fun time making clothes for kids... bright, fluoro colours. I suppose it was a bit rebellious, because older people (as old as I am now... LOL!!!) definitely didn't like the colours. They certainly weren't pretty clothes. I was never influenced by Madonna, re my own clothes, but I like some of her music. I'm trying to recall my clothes from the 80s.. probably similar to your Mum's. I wore some very bright tops that definitely need to remain in the past. I'll have to dig out photos.


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