M(a)y Mending Month VIII

I'm still not sure if I call it mending or refashioning. The thing is, my mom was given a Tintoretto dress, but the elastic on the back was too old and had lost elasticity. Besides, she didn't really like the fit. She wasn't sure if she wanted me to fix it for her or just give it to me, so I could turn it into something new for baby G.

The fabric was great, I loved it at first sight, so I didn't want her to give up on it that easy. I suggested to turn it into a tunic instead and she aproved the idea.

A few days ago, I finally took care of it (she wasn't waiting for too long though), changed the elastic on the back, and cut it from dress to tunic, hemmed and voilá! Easy peasy! And I still had a nice amount of the amazing fabric to try and turn it into something for the little princess. 


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