M(a)y Mending Month VI

Didn't I say it was mainly pants I had to mend? I wasn't kidding, I guess by the end of my challenge, if I get to fix all of the pants in the pile, I'll end up with more than double of what I already had...

Three more pairs here. Look how great they fit me now?!

I had to take in the waist in all three pairs and had to hem too. I was given the first and the third, and bought the red skinnies after having my daughter, all this time I've been just folding the hems and wearing a belt to keep them sort of in place... oppsssss... I'm really proud and happier to use the now, and I do that all the time since I love my red skinnies!!!!

Here's a closer look to my mendings. I forgot the sew the loop back on the white pants (the one in the middle), and I hand stitched the hem for this one with an invisible stitch - my personal favourite way of hemming classic styled pants. Sorry the hem picture is a bit blurry. 

The red one look ok on the outside but I was sewing a sort of a french seam inside and it got sloppy, I didn't really care to fix that since no one would actually see it but me (and all of you =/ Sorry!). 

The grey one... well I think this one was just perfect. It's neat and I didn't forget or miss any spot/bit. The insides are equally perfect and I even sewed back the label to it. 

I'm counting 6 pairs of pants already and I can tell you there's more to come!


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